Steve Pelkey // Tattoo Artist

Steve Pelkey has been tattooing professionally for 14 years in the Metro Detroit area. Owner of Splatter House Tattoo Parlor in Eastpointe, Michigan. Specializing in dark art surrealism inspired by horror movies, pop culture, comic, and video game characters. Steve’s art includes striking iconic images with dark shading and high detail on large scale compositions to create a petrifying realistic effect with feeling and emotion. Continue to the waitlist to schedule a consultation. Check back often to see updated portfolios or to stay up to date with Steve’s waitlist openings and travel schedule.

My Work

Tarman & Trash

Full Color

Jeepers Creepers

Black and Grey Opaque

13 Ghosts

Black and Grey Wash

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    Steve is not taking on any Heaven or Hell/Good vs Evil Projects, Lettering, Nature, and Family Portraits.

    Please only fill out waitlist for new projects in these class fields: Horror, Pop Culture, Comic/Cartoon/Anime, Video Game , and Dark Art. Steve prefers clients to have a solid idea/concept and then being allowed to use his expertise to make the most dynamic piece possible. Clients open to artistic freewill take top priority. If your application is not responded to within 6 months he is likely not looking to take on that idea at this time. Please no repeats, copies of others work, his own, or reworks. Steve does take on cover ups that he feels confident in covering, other wise he may recommend you for laser treatment and lightening before covering it up.

    Travel & Expos

    No current upcoming expos or events, please check back later.